Excerpts from The ANSWER:

The 100% Marriage Guarantee

“A young woman’s husband dies of a sexually transmitted disease.  Infected herself, she meets a new man and decides to remarry.  Desperately fearing that he might reject her, she fails to inform him of her condition.  After a few years of marriage, he learns of her deception.  He immediately divorces her. 

If the husband in this story was concerned only about himself, his response is reasonable and predictable.  If he truly loved his wife, however, I would expect his response—even in this extreme situation—to be different.

When asked how they might respond if they were in a similar situation, all my friends actually gave the same response—divorce her!  Their conclusion, like his, was quick, logical, reasonable and predictable—one that I’m sure they felt was justified…but I suspect, may not have been.  What would you do?”

"Love with conditions attached is common sense disguised as love."



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