New Book Identifies Common Sense As Cause of Marriage Failure—Defies Notion That Marriage is a Risk

The 100% Marriage Guarantee—THE ANSWER by Leroy Jiles reveals the deceptive, hidden cause of marriage risk—confusing common sense with truth. He identifies the logical desire to “make sense” in a difficult situation as the recipe for marriage failure.

He defies popular belief by revealing that marriage, because of the inevitable imperfections of its partners and its great potential to nourish or poison—when stripped of common sense misconceptions—was created for the precise purpose of producing guaranteed success.

He not only reveals that a marriage guarantee is available, but what to do to get it, what it means if you can’t and what it means if you won’t.

This book was inspired by the revelation that marriage is better than advertised—divorce is worse. It is a condensed follow-up of Leroy Jiles’ first book: The Power of Knowing Who You Are and is intended as a blunt rejection of the self-defeating expectation of marriage risk. It is available in e-book format. Both books are available in hardcover at

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